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  • Ginseng Oolong

    Combined with small amounts of powderised ginseng and liquorice root, this blend brews a golden-green cup wi...

  • Spicy Chilli Rooibos

    Rich and bold flavours give this rooibos blend a unique and complex character with a little kick....

  • Happy Colada

    This vibrant tropical blend is made from orange, pineapple and cherry, and combined perfectly with coconut c...

  • T-Rex

    A caffeine-free fruit blend bursting with flavour that provides a refreshing taste which will revive your sp...

  • Lemon Verbena

    Known for its soothing and uplifitng aroma, this delicious infusion of verbena leaves provides a refreshingly ...

  • Balance

    According to Feng Shui, the elements are represented by colours and forms. These are all present in our herb...

  • Rose Blend

    An aromatic and flavorful blend of rose, linden blossom and elderflower. The taste of this delightful herbal...

  • Turkish Apple

    A fruity blend of mellow pineapple infused with vitamin C and pieces of sweet apple. With a little imaginati...

  • Lapacho

    A caffeine-free South American infusion from the inner bark of the Tecoma-Lapacho tree that exudes a pleasan...

  • Olive Leaf

    This delicate and soft tasting herb creates a soothing and relaxing brew that evokes a sense of wellbeing. E...

  • Kekecha

    With a hint of Papaya and an underlying spiciness, the mellow taste of this golden-brown tea is unique from ...

  • New Traditional Matcha Set
    Traditional Matcha Set

    The traditional way to prepare your Matcha. This beautiful traditional Japanese tea ceremony set contains a ce...

  • New White Peony
    White Peony

    This pure Chinese white tea, also known as Pai Mu Tan, from the Fujian Province has an elegant, aromatic flavo...

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  • We Love Best Seller Silver Needle
    Silver Needle

    Considered the Champagne of teas, Silver Needle is only harvested during a few days each year in early spring ...

  • New Acai Berry
    Acai Berry

    A unique blend of White tea and Acai berry with flavours of blackberry, raspberry and pomegranate. This tea is...

  • White Pear

    An elegant blend with soft overtones of pears and apples. Gently fragrant, this tea is both soothing and refre...