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Our Beneficial teas are exclusively created to provide specific benefits ranging from aiding sleep and improving digestion to supporting the immune system, assisting weight loss and many more. Various teas, herbs and plants have been combined to create balanced, delicious blends to help you increase your wellness in all aspects of life. Some are naturally caffeine-free and some are high in caffeine so we recommend that you explore each blend individually.

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  • Sleep

    A calming blend of chamomile, lemongrass, peppermint and valerian, this combination is a perfect companion to ...

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  • Skin, Hair & Nails

    Delicate white tea paired with green tea and a balanced blend of herbs creates the ideal beauty booster. High ...

  • Skinny Tea

    A specially selected blend of antioxidant rich teas, spices and herbs, Amanzi’s Skinny tea is designed t...

  • Hangover

    Give your body a much-needed boost with this antioxidant powerhouse. Green tea will detox and energise you, sp...

  • Lemon & Ginger

    This immunity-boosting blend is loaded with vitamin C, echinacea and ginseng to help you fight off those winte...

  • Mummy & Me

    A naturally-caffeine free relaxing blend created specifically to be enjoyed by expectant mothers, new mothers,...

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  • Immuni-Tea

    A well-balanced aromatic blend of aronia berries, fennel, mint and liquorice that may help strengthen your imm...

  • Digestion

    Rooibos and healing ginger with ripe strawberries that adds a sweet touch to this soothing blend. Perfect afte...

  • Energy

    Stimulating Yerba Maté combined with bright peppermint and cocoa create an ideal energy boost when you ...

  • Daybreak

    This high-caffeine blend of Yerba Maté, Assam and Ceylon tea, and Rooibos with a hint of caramel is the...

  • Detox

    Escape the toxins of everyday foods with this herbal blend. Lemongrass, ginger, peppermint and liquorice root ...

  • Balance

    According to Feng Shui, the elements are represented by colours and forms. These are all present in our herb...