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All teas come from the plant Camellia Sinensis. Fresh leaves are withered, then rolled, broken or cut to provoke oxidation, causing the colour to change from green to brown. Their character can range from light and fruity to rich, strong and robust, depending on origin and manufacturing process. Black teas may boost the immune system, may protect against heart disease and increases energy levels. High caffeine content.

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  • English Breakfast

    Classic breakfast tea from selected highland plantations in Kenya, China and India. Marvellously robust for a ...

  • Amanzi Builders' Brew

    A blend of Indian Assam and Kenyan black teas creates a bold cup for those who like their tea extra strong. Sw...

  • Keemun Mao Feng

    This rare single estate Keemun black tea comes from the Anhui Province in South China. It is smooth and aromat...

  • Nilgiri

    A light bodied black tea from the Blue Mountains in Tamil Nadu, India, this exclusive black tea is delicate an...

  • Rose Earl Grey

    This Ceylon based black tea is a fragrant twist on the classic Earl Grey. Blended with rose petals and infused...

  • Cardamom Rose

    Full bodied, fragrant with hints of sweet spice this Assam based black tea, blended with rose petals and carda...

  • Dark Chocolate

    Black tea blended with rich dark chocolate creates this deliciously indulgent blend that will satisfy even the...

  • Vanilla Toffee

    Satisfy your sweet tooth with this full-bodied black tea blended with creamy caramel pieces and delicious, swe...

  • Orange Cookie

    Black tea, sweet spices, and fragrant orange and mandarin are blended to create this delicious winter warmer. ...

  • Chai

    When the temperature drops and the days grow shorter, few things beat a traditional chai to keep you going. Wa...

  • Black Apricot

    A full-bodied black tea blended with ripe apricots and sweet vanilla. Get your afternoon energy boost and sati...

  • Russian Caravan

    Its name comes from the camel caravans transporting tea along the ancient trade routes from China to Europe du...

  • Golden Monkey King

    One of the most exclusive teas available, this single estate Chinese tea from the Fujian province is the black...

  • Earl Grey Blue Flower

    Assam tea and natural bergamot captures the essence of a quintessential Earl Grey tea, also known as Lady Grey...

  • Ceylon

    A rare and refined high-grade estate tea from Sri Lanka, this delicate Ceylon brews a delicious, golden infusi...

  • Assam

    This single estate, whole leaf tea originates from Assam, India. The tropical climate contributes to this tea&...