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Herbal blends are made from the dried leaves, stems, roots, seeds, flowers and barks of many different plants, each of which offers an individual benefit. Most are caffeine-free and are drunk for their cleansing, calming and aromatic qualities. Herbal teas support hydration, help relax and relieve stress and assist in detoxification.

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  • Peppermint

    Bright and refreshing peppermint is not only invigorating, but is often used to soothe an upset stomach and ai...

  • Lapacho

    A caffeine-free South American infusion from the inner bark of the Tecoma-Lapacho tree that exudes a pleasan...

  • Turkish Apple

    A fruity blend of mellow pineapple infused with vitamin C and pieces of sweet apple. With a little imaginati...

  • Rose Blend

    An aromatic and flavorful blend of rose, linden blossom and elderflower. The taste of this delightful herbal...

  • Lemon Verbena

    Known for its soothing and uplifitng aroma, this delicious infusion of verbena leaves provides a refreshingly ...

  • New Pure Moringa Leaves
    Pure Moringa Leaves

    The new super-food, Moringa leaves are naturally caffeine-free, yet known for increasing energy levels and con...

  • Pure Moringa Leaves Large

    The new super-food, Moringa leaves are naturally caffeine-free, yet k0wn for increasing energy levels and cont...

  • Pure Bamboo Leaves

    A novelty to the European market, our bamboo leaves come uniquely from naturally growing bamboo in one of the ...

  • Apple Refresher

    As the name suggests, this caffeine-free blend of apple pieces, peppermint, and citrus fruits is the perfect r...

  • Cherry Heaven

    Deliciously fruity, this naturally caffeine free blend is packed with flavours of ripe cherries, sweet apples ...

  • Blood Orange

    A Vitamin C packed blend bursting with flavours of zesty orange and refreshing hibiscus. The ideal thirst-quen...

  • Pure Rosebuds

    Delicate pure rose buds with their light perfumed fragrance are perfect to calm and refresh a tired mind. Rich...

  • Mulled Wine

    A naturally caffeine-free blend of fruits and traditional Christmas spices with a hint of caramel. The perfect...

  • Pear & Cinnamon

    Ripe pears are blended with a hint of cinnamon and sweet spice to create this warming winter blend. Delicious ...

  • Winter Romance

    A spicy combination of cinnamon, apple, hibiscus and orange peel come together to create this cosy winter blen...

  • Lavender Chamomile

    A delicate blend of chamomile and lavender with calming qualities, known to settle the stomach. A lovely tea t...