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Our Kids’ Teas have been exclusively created as a caffeine-free alternative for children, whether to help soothe them in the evenings or as healthy but indulgent alternative to sweet drinks. Some blends are based on rooibos and others are based on various fruits and herbs, but each is designed specifically to be a delicious and beneficial drink for your little ones, and all are naturally caffeine-free.

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  • Tutti Fruity

    This caffeine free herbal blend of tangy strawberries, raspberries and hibiscus is rich in Vitamin C and brews...

  • Coco Loco

    Caffeine free South African Honeybush with delicious flavours of chocolate and a touch of caramel creates this...

  • Lullaby

    This gentle blend of caffeine free Rooibos, chamomile, sweet fennel and a touch of vanilla is the perfect nigh...

  • Happy Colada

    This vibrant tropical blend is made from orange, pineapple and cherry, and combined perfectly with coconut c...

  • T-Rex

    A caffeine-free fruit blend bursting with flavour that provides a refreshing taste which will revive your sp...