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All teas come from the plant Camellia Sinensis. Oolong teas are oxidised between green and black teas. The fresh leaves wither in the sun, then in the shade. Tossing or rolling the leaves develops their character, pan firing seals in the flavour, and the final drying ensures their quality. They can be floral and fruity or woody, deep and complex. Oolong teas may help burn fat and increase metabolism, may assist in lowering cholesterol, support digestion and suppress cravings. Medium caffeine content.

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  • Iron Goddess

    Extremely popular Chinese oolong tea. More oxidised than other Oolong teas and baked to bring out a sweet, nut...

  • Mango

    A unique blend of oolong tea, sweet mango, delicate Roman chamomile and pink rosebuds. Excellent over ice!

  • Wuyi

    Superior Oolong tea, characterised by its nutty aroma with notes of white orchid and honeysuckle. Famous for i...

  • Orange Blossom

    Refreshing and exotic oolong tea combined with the delicate flavours of orange blossom. Excellent over ice!...

  • Zesty Lemongrass

    This delicious oolong tea has a refreshing and fragrant twist with notes of bright lemongrass and bergamot. Pe...

  • Milk Oolong

    A truly unique Chinese oolong, prized for its distinctive cream and butter notes. The hand-processed leaves ar...