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  • How to make a Latté with our Loose-leaf Tea

    We have a latté to bring to your festive cheer! Invite the decadent aroma of our spicy Christmas blends into your home as you fill your cup with a frothy and flavourful brew. The best part about these delicious drinks? Being made from only 2 natural ingredients, they’re not on the naughty list and fit…

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  • How To Cold Brew Tea

    Brewing cold tea is one of the easiest methods of making that perfectly delicious and chilled cuppa. Don’t fuss with water temperature or brewing times, your tea will never be over-brewed and bitter! Are you ready? Step 1: Add loose-leaf tea and water into a pitcher (check serving recommendations – If you want more flavour…

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  • Mistakes To Avoid When Brewing Loose Leaf Tea

    We are all aware that loose-leaf tea tastes better than tea brewed from a teabag, what we don’t know are the mistakes to avoid that make the perfect cup seem a little less intimidating when reaching for that tea maker. The most important factors when brewing tea are: •    Good quality tea leaves •    Water…

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  • How To Make The Perfect Matcha Latté

    This version of a matcha drink is a delightfully creamy treat! We find that the non-dairy milk draws out the sweet flavours of our Ceremonial Grade matcha, making it a more palatable experience for those new to the taste of matcha. Choose a non-dairy milk option for your lattés as it’s not only better for…

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  • How to Brew the Perfect Chai Latté

    Classic Christmas jingles on repeat, hanging stockings on the mantle, the lingering aroma of gingerbead cookies and endless mugs of decadent hot cocoa come to mind when we think about Christmas. Recapture the magic of the season with your own homemade comfort in a cup! This comforting drink is easier to make than most believe…

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